about kristina george

Collection Concept

Kristina George is a contemporary, European-made handbag brand with the vision to create timeless, luxurious and bold looks intended to complement the modern woman and her associated lifestyle.

At the essence of the Kristina George core collection is a chic, glamorous and sophisticated attitude all the while maintaining a practical sensibility.

Kristina George recognizes the sentiment that style sees no age limit, nor seasonal border, and thus designed a collection that is both cross-generational and cross-seasonal.

Carefully choosing all elements to intimately define the quality and individuality of each handbag, Kristina George collaborated with a family-owned atelier in Europe with over 30 years of experience in luxury handmade leather goods and custom-made accessories.

The handcrafted bags are made with the highest quality calfskin leather handpicked from a tannery offering eco-friendly German and Italian dyes, processed using special techniques and finishes to create the desired depth of color without sacrificing the leather’s natural softness and glow. The three layer-cut crystal stones featured in two of the models are hand-cut by an award-winning European artist praised for his dedication to detail and attention to absolute precision. All hardware is custom designed and gold-plated.

The debut collection was designed with one dream in mind- to create a memorable and exquisite aesthetic that encompasses both the practical luxury and evening glamour attitude of the modern woman.


kristina george black crystal clutch and illustration of a girl

About the designers

designers krasimira georgieva and kamola taflan

Krasimira Georgieva and Kamola Taflan came from Eastern European roots, and independently came to America for university. Sharing cultural similarities and the realities they were both expatriates, Krasimira and Kamola developed a strong bond and have since been the best of friends.

Following university, both Krasimira and Kamola built successful careers in finance. Their successes in the financial sector, and subsequent business understanding have allowed them a unique advantage in following their passion and launching Kristina George. The duo’s interest in intricate architectural designs combined with their focus on symmetry fueled the launch of the first Kristina George collection.